Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week 2023


It's here!  A whole week to let Teachers & Staff at Sharon know just how much all their efforts with our kids are appreciated! 


The PTO has set up a week of treats and surprises, and we'd love YOUR help for some of the items.  Everything is optional, so feel free to pick and choose the days that fit your style or schedule best.  See below for details for each day:


Monday:  Coffee Bar & The Quote Wall

What you can do:  Fill out the form to submit your students' quotes about their teachers HERE.


Tuesday:  Love Notes from Students and Parents, and Pie Day Pizza from the school

What you can do:  Have your students write a note to their teacher(s), and write a parent note, too!  Many teachers treasure these, and parent notes are like the teacher equivalent of getting a great google review!


Wednesday:  Catered Breakfast, Stock the Room & Duty-Free Recess

What you can do:  Follow your room mom's instructions (coming soon) on what items your teacher would love for their classroom, and checkout the sign-ups for classrooms without room moms (think Art, P.E., Speech, etc.), to be posted HERE soon.

AND... sign up to take a shift at recess HERE and give a teacher a few extra minutes for lunch


Thursday:  Build-Your-Own Snack Bar

What you can do:  Not a thing, PTO has got this covered!


Friday:  Catered Lunch

What you can do:  If you have a personal gift or thank you that you wanted to send in, this is a great day to send it in.




All the Sign-Ups


Pick and choose how you'd like to help or participate.  Here are all the options!




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