Presidentthis position must be held by a previous board member

1)  Presides at all meetings of PTO.

2)  Facilitates the work of Officers, chair people, and committee members to successfully accomplish the PTO objectives.

3)  Appoints special committees, except the nominating committee.

4)  Appoints representatives for County PTO meetings and events, SES Local School Council, and other representation as needed.

5)  Informs the Executive Board of all information acquired from local or county meetings.

6)  Appoints Parliamentarian who shall serve at all Executive Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings.

7)  Be a signatory on all financial accounts of PTO

8)  Signs and executes all contracts, agreements, or other obligations in the name of PTO as authorized by the Executive Board.

9)  Performs such other duties as may be provided by the PTO Bylaws, these Standing Rules, or as directed by the Board.


1)  The treasurer is the authorized custodian of PTO funds.

2)  Maintains permanent records to track PTO funds and financial transactions.

3)  Maintains a permanent record tot rack PTO income, receipts and disbursements.

4)  Prepares annual budget for adoption by the PTO.

5)  Pays PTO bills as authorized by Board.

6)  Co-signs with the President all approved PTO contracts.

7)  Ensures taxes and reports required by PTO bylaws, insurance and/or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates.

8)  Works closely with the President, Secretary, Vice Presidents and Chairpersons to ensure that PTO funds are appropriated according to the approved PTO annual budget 

9)  Ensures monies are counted by two (2) PTO members who have signed the PTO Financial Policies, using Cash Verification Forms.

10)  Receives funds collected by PTO volunteers and issues receipts.

11)  Receives itemized bills, sales slips and invoices for payment by check.

12)  Prepares authorizations for payment, signed by the authorized Board members.

13)  Issues checks with two (2) signatures to pay bills as directed by the Board.

14)  Keeps PTO checkbook up-to-date to show current balance.

15) Prepares a monthly Treasurer’s report including at a minimum the Year to Date Budget vs. Actual and the monthly bank


16) Submits monthly Treasurer’s reports to local governing body.

17) Oversees and directs the Financial Secretary in completion of the following duties:

  • Prepares reports, or facilitates third party accountant reports, for every Board meeting detailing income and


  • Makes deposits of money and checks in a PTO bank account, retaining deposit slips and cash verification forms.


  • Reconciles monthly bank statements promptly.


1)  Records the minutes of each general and Executive Board meetings.

2)  Distributes copies of the minutes of the previous meeting for approval.

3)  Requests Agenda items for Executive Board meetings and distributes prior to meetings.

4)  Keeps a current copy of the Bylaws.

5)  Keeps minutes from previous meetings for reference during meetings.

6)  Determines the presence of a quorum prior to any business being conducted.

7)  Calls the meeting to order in the absence of the president.

8)  Maintains a file of all current PTO contracts.

Vice President Academic Affairs will oversee Chairpersons for the following committees and events:

1) Facilities Liaison

2) DIGS/Science Lab Liaison

3) Science Night

4) 7 Mindsets

5) Exceptional Children

6) Copy Committee

7) Hospitality

8) Room Parent Coordination

Vice President Student and Family Events will oversee Chairpersons for the following committees and events:

1) Event Voluntee rCoordinator

2) Back to School Event 

3) Breakfast with Santa

4) Father/DaughterDance

5) Mother/Son Event

6) 5th Grade Party

7) Sharon 5K

8) Bingo Night

Vice President Community and Cultural Programs will oversee Chairpersons for the following committees and events:

1) Community Outreach

2) Honoring Our Heroes

3) Watch Dog Dads

4) Business Liaison

5) New Families Liaison

6) 5th Grade Service Project/Legacy Gift

7) Cultural Liaison

8) Cultural Bulletin Board

9) Cultural Night

Vice President Fundraising will oversee Chairpersons for the following committees and events:

1) Fall Fundraiser

2) Boxtops

3) Spiritwear

4) Yearbook

5) Catapult Fund/Flat Donation

Vice President Communications

1)  Sends Knights In The Know to the Student Records staff member by Tuesday of each week for approval by Principal, and distribution to the Sharon community.

2)  Creates and prints all marketing materials relevant to the PTO(i.e., Open House, Fundraising/Catapult Fund, etc).

3)  Works with the PTO Website Chair to ensure the website is current and has all upcoming events listed. 

4)  Works with the Marquee Chair to ensure the marquee is updated with upcoming month’s dates by end of previous month. 

5)  Works with the Social Media Chair to keep Social Media channels current with photos and information regarding upcoming events.

6)  Works with the Bulletin Board Chair to maintain the PTO Bulletin Board.

Parliamentarian - this position will be appointed by the current PTO President

1)  Assists the President with meeting procedure according to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

2)  Acts as an expert on the PTO Bylaws and Standing Rules and advises the Board accordingly.

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